Strumming senior shares journey, hones musical skills in free time

Inspired by his favorite bands, senior Brendan LeJeune started playing guitar in the eighth grade and ever since then, has explored his love for music and expression with each song he learns to play.

LeJeune has always been a music fanatic. He says, “I have a really big appreciation for music and I like all kinds of music.” It was when he was in eighth grade that LeJeune eventually wanted to do more than just listen to music. Being inspired by bands such as Green Day and Guns and Roses, he wanted to be able to create music too.

After asking for and receiving a guitar from his grandma one Christmas, LeJeune was able to take his desire to play an instrument to the next step. He started taking guitar lessons, and when he got good enough, he began trying to learn on his own.

Through Youtube videos and the help of his own friends that played, LeJeune successfully learned the ins and outs of guitar. He expresses that constant practice, despite the pain it caused in his hands, was the key to improving his skills as a guitarist. He says, “After playing for a while, your fingers start to hurt and you get blisters, but you just [need to keep] being consistent and keep trying to learn new songs that challenge you to get better.”

When it comes to genres, LeJeune likes playing anything and everything. While he likes  playing rock and classic rock, he dives into other genres as well. “If it has a cool guitar riff or sounds cool,” he says, “I’m going to want to play it.”

So far, LeJeune’s favorite song that he has learned is Young, Dumb, and Broke by Khalid. The song helped introduce him to fingerstyle playing (meaning playing without a pick). He says, “I learned a lot of new techniques with that song and it sounds dope.”

Although LeJeune sees playing guitar as nothing more than a hobby, he still finds it to be very important to him. He loves that it can be a tool for his self-expression. He says,“Just being able to create music is cool because it’s a way to express creativity and just vibe out.”