Sports teams compete, win in honor of fallen classmates, friends

On Friday, September 30, both girls varsity field hockey and girls varsity soccer were among the teams who decided to play in honor of recently fallen Bengals, Peter Park and Ethan Miller.

Playing for Peter and Ethan during their games, girls varsity field hockey and girls soccer had a newfound motivation in mind. Besides wanting to beat their opponent, they wanted to win for a deeper reason: to honor the two seniors who passed away. This gave them something to play for and look forward to, as they showed their recognition for these boys that Blake will miss.

It has been a difficult few weeks for Blake high school, but winning these games was helpful in bringing some positivity to the student body. Jared Fribush, the athletic director at Blake says, “I think that many of our student-athletes have used athletics as a way of coping and escaping some of the grief and mourning.”

The field hockey team symbolized their dedication by bringing a piece of the boys with them to their game. Sophomore Audrey Blow says, “We wrote PP for Peter Park and EM for Ethan Miller, we also put it on our sticks and prayed for them and their friends and family”.

Not only did field hockey play their game for Ethan and Peter, but they won against Seneca Valley 7-0. “We felt proud that we could honor our fallen Bengals. I guess part of the feeling came with knowing that we were still able to keep up and play for Ethan and Peter while most of our team was close to both of them,” adds Blow.

Varsity girls soccer also decided to recognize the boys by writing on their wrists before their games. They did this not just out of remembrance for Peter and Ethan, but to give credit to the two boys for motivating them to win the game. Senior Maggie Prokop says, “The meaning behind it was to show that we will remember them and that we played for them that night.”

Prokop adds, “We are thinking of making a fundraising t-shirt.” In the game they played, they beat Watkins Mill with a score of 4-3, which felt to be more of an accomplishment because it was in honor of Peter and Ethan. Mr. Fribush also says, “Our student-athletes are always motivated to win, but I am sure for some of the individuals, these victories struck a chord emotionally.”