New goals, strategies lead to confi dence among girl athletes

Coming into the 2016-17 winter basketball season, the girls varsity basketball team is finding ways to progress through their season with new strategies and goals.

The Lady Bengals will be without five players from their 2015-16’ season having a young team with many fresh faces. However, they are looking to learn and grow together. “We all work together and there is no one individual person,”, says junior post Lydia Gagern.

girlsbasketball02It’s the team’s strong chemistry and ability to play cohesively as a group that gives the players a positive outlook for the season and, for many of them, is one of the highlights of their season. Senior post Nicole Stocks adds, “My favorite thing is all my teammates, we all have a lot of fun together.”  

However, it’s not all fun and games, the team is also looking to become a stronger force on the court and develop their skills. “I think one of our weaknesses is executing things,” says Gagern, “We need to work in executing our plays well and doing what our coach says more.”

By working on fixing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, the team is hoping to meet the goals they set at the start of a season, both for individual players and the whole team. “As a team we want to win the division”, says Gagern. The last time the girls won a division championship was in 2011, but the team is working as hard as they can to make it happen again.

But on a more personal note, they want to improve on their individual weaknesses to help the team overall. Stock says, ”I hope that I can improve my skills and that our team can become better working together.”

Their hard work and their team chemistry has made the girls basketball team competitive and helped many of the girls gain personal relationships with each other and get along both on and off the court. However the season works out, they’re looking forward to making it happen together. Gagern adds, “I’m looking forward to playing basketball. Basketball is fun to play and it’s fun to be together as a team.”

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