High school students go all out for favorite college sports teams

There are a some college sports teams that fellow students follow, including the University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, and Ohio State University.

Senior Erick Lopez follows University of Maryland’s basketball and soccer teams. Enjoying the intensity that the sports bring, Lopez is enthusiastic about the competitiveness of Maryland’s soccer and basketball teams. Lopez says, “I follow [Maryland] because they are exciting to watch especially soccer and basketball and because it’s a local school.”Maryland-logo

Senior Connor Cameron also enjoys college sports teams. He is a Louisiana State University fan. Cameron admires college sports due to the opportunity it gives to young, talented athletes. He adds, “I enjoy college sports because it shows that people don’t have to be professional to be great athletes, and these kids are being great at what they do while juggling college, and its amazing.”

In addition to Lopez and Cameron, junior Jillian Benjoar also has a strong appreciation for college sports. Her older sister currently attends Ohio States University, so Benjoar’s school pride is passed down to her. She says, “I enjoy the enthusiasm that comes with loving a particular team.”

ohio stateFollowing Maryland and the University of Pittsburgh, senior John McLean is another fan that follows college sports. What draws him to these teams is his familiarity with them due to their location and the relationships he has with people who attend those schools. “I enjoy how it’s not for pay and just for fun and every player is trying their best,” adds McLean.


When comparing college sports to professional sports, students have differing views on which one is more entertaining to watch. For Lopez, following college or professional sports depends on what sport he is watching. He says, “In some certain sports I prefer college than professional only because it’s more competitive.”

On the other hand, Cameron prefers watching professional sports over college sports. He feels that professional games are more realistic and fair. “In college you can have a national championship caliber team playing a team that should be D2, but in the NFL all teams have true pro athletes on them,” adds Cameron.

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