Dancers travel upcoast for class

Dancers Casey Schweber, a junior, and Ninsiima Mugamba, a sophomore, take a day long trip to New York, experiencing the atmosphere of the city, from watching the Rockettes perform to taking a dance class in Manhattan.

On December 8, students from dance teacher Donna Iriarte’s dance class boarded their bus at six in the morning on their way to have a day filled with dance themed activities. For Mugamba, it was her first time traveling to New York with Blake and she was eager for the trip. She says, “I’m looking forward to watching the Rockettes show because I have not done that before.”

The students and teachers both had a similar purpose for the field trip to New York: to gain insight of the culture and opportunities of dancers such as being exposed to the “current” trend. They were scheduled to see a traditional Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Show. Mrs. Iriarte says, “The dancers are also taking a tour of the Radio City Music Hall which is an amazing performance hall.”NYC1

Schweber was excited for what the trip had to offer for her career as a dancer. “It’s a good experience to watch them,” she adds. Seeing the Rockettes was something that she wanted to do to help her personal passion for dance.

Following the eventful morning, the students took a dance class in Manhattan. Iriarte thought that the experience would make the students better dancers. She says, “Taking class in the city also challenges our students to learn faster and present themselves to be, ‘in the movement’ of strong work ethics.”

Iriarte knew that the trip will be able to benefit her dance students in many ways. From being exposed to how dance classes are in the city to already dancing with future competition, Iriarte says, “This gives an insight to our students of what it is like to take class in the city,” and “other people in class are their future competition if they chose a performing art career.”

The students had similar expectations. Mugamba adds that being able to watch the Rockettes Christmas Special and take the dance class benefited her as a dancer and help her further her dancing career in the long run. Mugamba adds, “I think that being able to have the opportunity to dance with different choreographers will really help me as a dancer.”

Photo of dance students on their annual trip to New York to see the Rockettes perform