Social media checks allow students to appear well-rounded to potential schools

Along with transcripts and essays, colleges
are now taking into consideration applicants’ social
media when looking into a potential students resume.
By looking at students’ social media feed,
they are able to learn more about the person and what
type of activities they are participating in.
The social media check is another opportunity
to make yourself look well-rounded and fit for the
college. You’re allowing the colleges to see how
involved you were in school activities, sports, and
extracurricular activities.
Posting pictures of you doing things for your

community like planting trees to help the environ-
ment, helping raise money for a good cause, or just

small things like tutoring your local middle school
students allows you to shows that you didn’t just have
an impact in your school, but also your community.
It also provides a candid view into the
student’s interests, extracurricular activities, and
opinions on trending topics. The colleges are not only
going to be able to see your academic life, but your

personal life as well since what you post and tweet
about can reflect heavily on your personality and way
of living.
By looking at your social media, they can see
what colleges you are interested in and follow. This
helps them see your demonstrated interest in their
school and see whether you really want to attend
their school or if you just applied because they were
your last choice.
Many colleges find things on students’ social
media that reflect positively on them, as they are

able to get a sense of what you are capable of ac-
complishing and what their ultimate goals are. This

may increase your chances of being accepted, which
is so beneficial to students.
However, this social media check doesn’t only

serve as a way to get more information on the poten-
tial student, but also to allow the college to control the

type of students that are accepted into their college.
By doing so, they are able to protect the school’s
reputation and environment, allowing them to make it
a better experience for every student on their campus.