Shark planes, Antarctic Daredevils, and cotton candy mistaken for meth

From a 50 year old daredevil crossing the Antarctic to police mistaking cotton candy for meth, this week’s events are ones to remember.

In recent months, an Embraer E190-E2 aircraft, painted up as great white shark has showed up in Nepal. According to CNN, it was spotted at a Nepal International Airport following a flight past Mount Everest. The same manufacturer made a tiger themed plane and one painted like an eagle. However, the shark plane beats them all.

In more devastating news, a massive Ebola outbreak is affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo. Killing over 200, it is the second deadliest outbreak. However, according to CNN, there have been no confirmations that the disease has spread to neighboring countries.

In daredevil news, Heather Swan became the first woman to wingsuit over Antarctica. According to Good News Network, Swanand her husband also performed the first and only wingsuit voyage across The Grand Canyon.

A woman named Dasha Fincher is suing Monroe County, Texas, for mistaking cotton candy for meth. According to the lawsuit, she was arrested and charged with trafficking and possession of meth with intent to distribute. According to BBC, she claims her life was ruined over a police typo. It turns out all she had was a sugary snack.

Southwest Airlines is in trouble because a gate agent made fun of a girl’s name. The girl’s name is Abcde and according to BBC it’s, pronounced ab-si-dee. The gate agent started laughing and took a picture of the girls boarding pass.

An official airline spokesman publicly apologized for the incident. Also, it turns out that there are 328 people in the US named Abcde.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, four people tried to rob a jewel store. According to The Epoch Times, the would-be robbers broke one of the windows with a hammer.

One of the robbers had a handgun but three of the store’s employees charged at the men wielding sabre-style swords eventually causing the suspects to flee back through the window.

A jolly man wearing a patriots jacket paid for many customers at a Walmart in Vermont. The man paid for every single item on layaway. According to Good News Network, when asked how he could afford so many items, he told them that Santa Claus could. Truly an act of Christmas kindness.

In Eastern Finland, Stone Age paintings were just found on a rock face by the Saimaa lake system. Stone Age paintings have previously been found during the 1990s near this lake system but according to the Museum of Central Finland, the findings could be several thousand years younger than the previous paintings.

A 78 year old boxer named Samuel Little is currently serving life in prison for the murders of three women in Odessa, Texas. According to Sky News, the killer recently admitted to killing as many as 90 people across the country from 1970 to 2005.

Sky News also claims Little could be the worst serial killer in US history. An FBI report claimed his main prey was prostitutes and heavy drug users during the multiple decades his murders occured.