The Alternatives to Your Typical Jack-O’-Lantern

As Halloween fast approaches, one must begin to wonder- what will my Jack-O’-Lantern look like this year?

Pumpkins are a necessary staple of Halloween and you can not have a proper “All Hallow’s Eve” without one; but what happens when the store is completely sold out of those iconic orange gourds? That issue is why I am here. I will help you lost souls find other produce to carve up on Halloween night.  

I have had trouble with finding pumpkins in the past. Just last year, I was horrified to find that all of the pumpkins within five miles around my home were sold out entirely. However, from the obvious panic, something amazing was born. I had the brilliant idea to carve a cantaloupe. It sounds silly, but in a pinch, you do what you can.

We already know that, from my experiences, a cantaloupe is a sufficient substitute, but what else is? If you use your imagination, anything can be! If you want to be a purist and stay consistent with the Halloween spirit, consider carving an orange. It is the exact same color as a pumpkin, after all. Scoop out the yummy interior (which, unlike disgusting pumpkin guts makes a great snack), carve out a cute little face, stick a tea light candle in, and voila; you have the Jack-O-Lantern’s sweeter cousin.

If an orange isn’t your thing, consider using a pineapple. This is one of my favorite ideas personally, mostly because it’s sanctioned by the yummiest bread brand in the world: King’s Hawaiian. The company has an entire website for carving pineapples called where you can learn how to carve your pineapple as well as enter a competition to win a trip to Hawaii for a family of four with your fruity creation. Although it’s a traditionally summery food, this pointy produce would make a fantastic addition to your Halloween decor.

Yet another summery fruit that could satisfy your needs is a watermelon. Watermelons are basically the tastier green and red version of pumpkins! They are practically begging to be cut up according to your spooky holiday wishes. There is even a website called that promotes the use of watermelons for this exact purpose this time of year.

Use your imagination and there will be countless more opportunities to replace pumpkins in the worst of situations. Now go out and have fun with your carving!

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