Tea vs. Coffee

Whether it be for energy, relaxation, or simply for the taste, both students and faculty choose a side and are either on team tea, or team coffee.

Both students and teachers need a little caffeine to get them going in the morning. After a long night of doing homework, or grading papers, a cup of coffee might be desperately needed before school. Senior Jill Benjoar is on team coffee because of the caffeine. She says,“I’d rather drink coffee than tea because it has a quicker effect on my energy rather than tea which takes longer.”

French and world history teacher Jordan Rowell sides with Benjoar on team coffee. Just like Benjoar, he needs the caffeine in the morning but also likes the taste. He says, “I really do enjoy the taste of especially good coffee, that said I will drink bad, days old coffee because I do need the caffeine, it keeps me going.”

Mr. Rowell doesn’t stop there. He likes coffee in the morning, and also finds himself reaching for his mug throughout the day. “I probably drink too much coffee,” he says. “You should…limit your caffeine intake.”

Security team member Tina Slade is also for team coffee. In the morning, she makes her hazelnut green mountain coffee with her keurig. She attributes her love of coffee to her grandmother. She says, “My grandmother drank coffee all the time, so that’s how I started drinking [it].”

Others side with tea due to possible negative effects of coffee. It has side effects such as, insomnia, upset stomach, nervousness, and many others. Football coach Bryon Marshall is one of those people. Mr. Marshall says, “I heard coffee makes you shorter, so that’s why I drink tea.”

Senior Abby Zurita sides with tea. She says, “Tea is way more relaxing than coffee. After a day’s worth of practice and school, I come home and drink peach tea because it relaxes me.”

Someone’s choice of tea or coffee is often influenced by a parent. Mr. Marshall says, “My mom started making [tea] and would leave it in the house. She didn’t like sugar, like Kool-aid and stuff, so she would make tea instead.”

Many people enjoy getting their tea and coffee at Starbucks. These stores have a large variety of different teas and coffees. People can create their own drink just how they like it.

Mr. Rowell is someone who takes advantage of the flexibility at Starbucks. When the drink he liked wasn’t on the menu anymore, he was still able to explain what he wanted to the barista. He says, “They don’t have it on the menu anymore, but you can still order a Starbucks double-shot on ice.”

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