Spring Break 2019 takes a hit due to Ocean City Law

There is seemingly no more exciting time of year to students than spring break, the third week of April, but now MCPS plans on shortening the break due to the passing of the Ocean City Law.

The “Ocean City Law” is a law passed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan that essentially says that school must start after Labor Day, ends by June 15 without excluding the holidays. That may sound nice, until you realize that spring break is taking a hit because of this.

Students need breaks too. If you look at our schedules, it far surpasses the 7 hour school day. I will never complain about a 9-to-5 job because it will be a shorter day than it has been as a student in high school for many people.

Along with the length of a day which is about seven hours, starting at 7:45 a good part of the student body play sports and have daily practices which brings them to about 5 or 6 in the afternoon/evening.

As if they are not already tired from being at school for the better part of 12 hours, they have multiple classes worth of homework to do, which brings their workday to a total of almost 14-15 hours. Not only that, the pressure involved with the fourth quarter is an extra stressor in the weeks that surround the crucial days off in the spring.

The week-long break is a time for students to let loose or relax. Spring break’s sole purpose is stress relief, no holidays, no special occasions, just stress relief.

What is really unfortunate is that a lot of high school students have no idea that this is happening and are clueless to this change, yet will do nothing but complain when they find out next year, having had time to potentially make a difference. This law is not only a problem for the students, but for the people on the board of MCPS who have to be the ones who pull the trigger on taking days off spring break.

Hogan did this strictly for money. An extra ten days for people to be in Ocean City means more money for the state. Why do students have to be the ones suffering from this? A very good portion of them have families who can’t afford to get them to Ocean City during the summer.

But naturally, a rich government man didn’t consider the less fortunate. Shocking.

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