Side Doors Being Closed Are a Problem in the Morning

You arrive at school and walk from your car to the gym door, only to find that the door won’t open. It is a few minutes before the final bell rings and the side door is locked. Cold, tired, and running a bit late, you trek to the main office doors.

This may be the worst feeling in the world. Since your first period is in C hallway, you could have arrived to class on time if the doors were open. Alas, you must miss class and circle around to the front doors.

You end up being late to class and you miss the warm up. Since you are working hard to get up to speed on the warm up, you miss an important lecture by your teacher. Then, you proceed to do bad on a test the following day, all because the doors were closed.

Why is closing the doors even a thing? It benefits no one. People get to class later. They are in the cold more, leading to an increased level of sickness in the student body.

Not only are the doors locked before students are required to be in class, but only student drivers are allowed to use them while they are open. Student drop offs are required to use the doors near the main office. It is meant to keep the traffic moving so cars don’t stop in the middle of the drop off lane and hold up the line while there’s a big empty space in front of them, which is understandable.

But what isn’t understandable is that even if traffic is stopped and the drivers have moved as far up as possible, student drop-offs still aren’t allowed to get out and use the side doors. They are directed to get back in the car and wait until they reach the end of the lane.

That just doesn’t make sense. If the car is stopped anyways, the student might as well just get out of the car and enter the school with the side doors. Cars could stop once, drop off the students, and be on their way instead of stopping multiple times and waiting until they reach the end.

That way, the cars can release the students and leave in waves as opposed to inching one by one to the front. Cars would leave the parking lot faster, allowing traffic to flow better. This faster drop-off system will cause more students to be on time.

The benefits opening the side doors to all students until the second bell rings outweigh that of the current system. There will be no walks to the front of the school, less students will be late to class, and traffic will flow better.