Resolutions Aren’t Just for January

“New year, new me” is the proclamation we hear every January 1. People turning over new leaves and finally setting out to achieve their goals. January is the magical month of fresh starts and unknowing optimism where we want to finally do more and be more. We start off strong but as the days go by and February approaches we realize we haven’t gone to the gym once or even looked at a vegetable.

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier. People always want to be healthier but something about January makes green smoothies and running a mile more appealing. But of course all those people who got a gym membership and vowed never to touch a bag of chips again in January are probably on their couches by February telling themselves all the reasons why they couldn’t go to the gym today but that they’ll definitely try to make time tomorrow.

Another popular resolution people often never fulfill is to be more adventurous or outgoing. The magic of January makes people want to stop playing it safe and take more chances. This resolution like most others is often never fulfilled because when people are presented with the opportunity they shy away into their comfort zone and tell themselves “next time”.

The last popular resolution, one that I personally have also failed to fulfill, is to make more time for ourselves. Self-care is essential to your personal wellbeing and most of us often neglect that part of our lives. But January, magical and mystical January, makes us want to pamper and pay more attention to ourselves. But of course by February we’re running on four hours of sleep a day and we can’t remember the last time we felt relaxed.

All these failed resolutions have one problem in common: our failure to seize opportunity. Only if we could use our free hour to get ourselves to the gym instead of watching an episode on Netflix we’re that much closer to reaching our goal. Only if we could try to do the things that scare us and make us uncomfortable when the opportunity presents itself.

Of course, change doesn’t happen overnight and failure is expected but underlying our failure to seize opportunity is our failure in seeing January 1 as our only opportunity.

If we remember that every day, even every second, can be a fresh start we can start to make some progress. So what you didn’t workout yesterday. Do it today! Don’t wait until January 1; instead, treat every second like January 1.

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