Plus size? At a loss of where to turn? Avoid looking drab with these stores

Me, as well as any other plus size girl can tell you, that shopping for clothes can be difficult, if not downright impossible!

Finding clothes for my body can be so frustrating sometimes. Occasionally, I will locate a dress or a skirt or a pair of pants that will fit, but said article of clothing is ugly and frumpy as heck!

I am certain that I am not the only plus size person who has experienced this phenomena, which I like to call the “Old Lady Paradox”; the theory that, the bigger the clothing, the uglier and more “old ladyish” it becomes.

To avoid this infamous phenomena, I have a few recommendations for shopping when you happen to wear clothes larger than the “standard”.

First up is my personal favorite clothing store, Torrid. Torrid sells sizes 10-30. I always describe Torrid as Forever 21 for plus sizes. The shop offers adorable graphic tees, skirts, dresses, shoes, coats, jewelry, hair accessories, and more. Everything is crafted beautifully and anyone can find something that suits their style.

Torrid also has a huge selection of discount items that are always amazing. You can find your entire wardrobe from the discount rack in that store. Not to mention, there is always a sale going on. I have bought shirts there that were originally marketed in the store for $50 that was reduced to $15!

Another store that I am fond of, although it is not as trendy as Torrid, is Lane Bryant. I have shopped at Lane Bryant with my mom for a while now. The store is more expensive than Torrid and it does not have nearly as many deals either, but the clothes that they carry are super cute.

Yes, a lot of their items are more adult (they sell clothing for working women), but there are always items that can suit younger people. The store also sells shoes and jewelry which are absolutely fantastic!

Lane Bryant sells clothes from size 14-28. It has less of a variety of sizes, but i can overlook it because of the high-quality nature of the sizes they do sell.

I have never bought and ill-fitting item from either of these stores. Thanks to these two shops, I have cultivated my personal style. I never would have grown in my fashion if I had not discovered these stores. I hope that they can do the same for you.

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