Looking forward to the end of an early homecoming

Spirit week happens October 2 through October 7 ending with the Homecoming dance on Saturday. This is particularly early in the year, with last year’s falling near the end of October. I think it is good that this year’s is early because all I ever look forward to in spirit week is the end.
Personally, I’ve never had “school spirit”, maybe because I’ve been bouncing around schools my whole life and never really had a chance to feel attached to the school I was going to at any given time.
As much as I hate to say it, this school is not any different. I don’t particularly care that this is the last school I go to before college (knock on wood). Even if I had an ounce of “school spirit,” since I’ve been here for a year less than my classmates, it would make my connection to this place less intense than the others in my grade.
Sure, I am on the newspaper and will continue to be next year, but I’m not the biggest sports fan, in general, and the only time I would have to pay any attention to it is at the homecoming football game, which, for some reason, matters significantly more to students than any other game solely based on the fact that it is the Friday before the dance.
Right, the dance, let’s talk about that. While there is nothing more that I would love to do than pay twenty dollars, or seventeen if you order online (whoop-dee-doo), to get into the school on a Saturday night to see the same people as I do every day, I think I may follow the trend I have set for myself and somehow find it in myself to sit this one out.
I also dislike the concept of asking someone to the dance. Realistically, you’re going to take about five pictures with them and not talk to them the rest of the night. Just dress fancy with your friends and go to some restaurant that you like and do dumb teenage stuff there instead of going to school, where the punch is probably spiked and you have the DJ playing “Despacito” every thirty minutes.
If the DJ doesn’t play Despacito at all during the dance because of this article, I’ve done you all a favor. You’re welcome.
I also feel like the point of spirit week is to bring the classes together, which kind of contradicts itself. It builds tension in between the classes which can end very poorly.
I cannot bash culture day, though. I really like the idea of embracing your culture to the fullest with your clothes and other things your culture does. It deserves a place in spirit week.
So what if I’m not the biggest fan of the homecoming dance and spirit week, it’s about how each student wants to celebrate their school and that’s what counts to them.

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