See that, you just got “clickbaited” into reading this article. You don’t really even care about Logan Paul’s ad income, but you do at the same time. Nothing he does makes your life any better or worse, but at the same time, he generates so much anger in you and others.  

Usually, the stars of the YouTube scene who have done controversial things such as Sam Pepper, Nicole Arbour, and even DaddyOFive have taken significant heat on the platform, and in some cases, the mainstream public eye, but fell into irrelevance after that and continued to live their lives. Such cannot be said for Logan Paul.

No one can defend what Logan Paul did, since he himself explicitly claims his actions deserved no defense, but the way that YouTube has handled it is the first of a kind for the website, and quite frankly, it’s scary.

YouTube decided to remove him from the recommended search list, meaning when you type the letters “L-O,” the first recommendation that pops up is “look alive” although Paul is still the hottest star on the platform, disregarding the public opinion on the man himself, based on video views and likes and comments.

They did not stop there however. YouTube also made a decision to temporarily disable ads on his videos, a move that has been estimated to cost him over one million dollars a month.

I can understand wanting to teach this guy a lesson, and it’s evident that he has a habit of questionable behavior, but he shouldn’t be receiving the backlash he’s getting from the website itself. Of course, the public can be frustrated with him, they’d be crazy not to be, but YouTube has never come down this hard on a single creator before. Despite this, YouTube is consistently chipping away at the leader of the “Logang” like nobody before, which can only spell a bad future for the next YouTube stars.

The public eye has become far more sensitive in the past couple of years. Go back and watch “Dear Black People,” by Nicole Arbour. Here’s the gist: a tangent about how African-Americans are “appropriating [White] culture.” This video was posted in 2015. The video is still monetized. Nobody has spoken about this video for a considerable amount of time, and Arbour continues to make videos telling people that their beliefs, lifestyle, etc., are flawed to this day.

The big problem with all of this is the censorship aspect of it. YouTube turned a blind eye to content containing blatant sexual harassment, racism, child abuse, among many other things.

As the years went by, people, specifically millennials, have become sensitive to pretty much anything. It seems as though you have to walk on eggshells around everyone you meet, and if you so much as take a breath that someone doesn’t like, you are well and truly done for.

I am by no means agreeing with the actions of Logan Paul, but YouTube has dealt, or rather haven’t dealt, with creators with much worse intentions that Logan Paul and they got off scot-free. If this is the direction YouTube is going, content creators have a lot to be worried about.

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