Less days of school can help students significantly

Whether having less days of school is good or bad for students, has always been a controversial subject, and both sides have good arguments of why they feel it is a good thing or not.

Some people feel that less days of school don’t give the students the studying time they need necessary to do well on big test. Supporters of less days of school think that those off days give students a much needed break from all of the hard work.

Having less days of school is more beneficial for students. Having less days gives the students more time to finish big assignments. Many teachers give big assignments, not thinking of the assignments other teachers give out. This brings stress upon students because they have multiple assignments to do at once. Having less days takes some of that stress away since they have more time.

Aside from having more time to do homework, in general the students need a break. Students are in a classroom for seven hours a day, five days straight. How the student uses that break time is up to them. If students use the time to study and take naps to get their hours of sleep back, they can be a more effective in school.

Less days of school will give students the time to do things outside of the classroom such as, community service. Community service is extremely important for students because it plays a big role in what colleges the students get into.

Overall I believe that less days of school will have a positive impact on students. If there are less days of school, teachers would be pleased with how refreshed the students are, their increase on tests scores, and the quality of the projects they turn in.