Gabriel shares hilarious jokes to use April 1st

Who doesn’t love a good prank? Especially on April Fools Day, the holiday where any prank, within obvious boundaries, are considered totally acceptable. Here are some fun and safe ideas that should have you and your friends laughing.
We all know the classics: the whoopee cushion, the fake box of chocolates. But when pulled off correctly, the fake injury is a great way to make people look kind of ridiculous. Whether you have a crutch hanging around your place or some black makeup to create a black eye, the fake injury can be a great way to have some fun.
You can also scare your friends with a good old-fashioned fake bug or, if you’re getting a bit extreme, a snake. You can put it under their desk or on their shoe. You could just as easily put it on their shoulder and tell them that “There’s something on your shoulder” and when they look and hopefully scream, you will get a solid laugh.
This one isn’t very public so it’s only really going to be for your own twisted entertainment. If you have the resources, you can put stickers on the toilet paper dispensers that say, “NEW! Voice activated! Say ‘toilet paper please.’” If you are lucky, you will get to hear someone frustratedly say “toilet paper, please” and hopefully get a good laugh.
If you’re a lover of pranks involving saran wrap, here’s a list of ways you can use some. You can do something simple like putting it in a doorway and yelling at someone to run into the room, or wrap their bag in it so they can’t open it without taking the wrap off. But if you have the time, and if they drive to school , you could wrap their car in saran wrap and watch them contemplate whether or not being your friend is really worth it.
Lastly, if you are sneaky enough, you could slip a creepy, anonymous note into their bag. Wait until they find it and act like you have no idea what is going on or who did it while holding in the laughter.

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