DC vs Marvel

Though Marvel provides flashy, high budget productions, don’t underestimate DC. DC TV shows have found the one thing that Marvel TV shows often lack: humor.

Marvel television shows always take themselves too seriously, and lack the light-hearted moments the movies are known for. Marvel’s Ironfist was shockingly terrible, receiving only 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, while the popular DC TV show, The Flash is currently making 95%.

It seems like there is hardly a day in which a Marvel movie isn’t playing in theaters. The films come across as such: Lifeless, forgettable, and mass produced (with some exceptions). Though Spiderman Homecoming had its merits, it is one of a half dozen Spiderman movies released, which is at least 3 too many.

Marvel is responsible for equally terrible films. Let’s not forget about Marvel’s Howard the Duck movie, which received only 15% on Rotten Tomatoes (a lower rating than  Batman v. Superman) which is so often brought up in the Marvel vs. DC debate.

DC also isn’t given fair credit for the genuinely enjoyable content it does produce. Wonder Woman, which came out over the summer, delighted audiences and inspired little girls across the country. The original Teen Titans series is looked upon with fondness and nostalgia by many people who grew up in the early 2000’s.

Without DC, characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash would never had been created, and phenomenal comic books, like Watchmen, would not have been published. Often overlooked, DC provides fantastic entertainment for its viewers, that of which Marvel can hardly compete with.




Yes, one might be inclined to say that DC has better TV shows than Marvel but TV shows are only a teeny tiny part of what makes a superhero industry great.

Huge amounts of diversity exists in the Marvel universe. And not just cultural and racial diversity but Marvel also has tons of characters who represent disabilities that millions of people have.

From Professor X (handicapped) to Daredevil (blind) and Hawkeye (deaf), Marvel represents a whole slew of people who are not usually acknowledged in pop culture. Not only do they put these disabilities in a positive light, but they also show that disabilities do not make their characters any less of a fighter or a hero.

Another reason that Marvel is simply superior to DC is their movies. That flawless CGI, that casting, those soundtracks, those story arcs! Marvel is not the biggest producer of superhero movies for no reason! The same cannot be said for DC movies (looking at you, Batman vs. Superman, Batman Forever).

It should also be considered that Marvel has begun to experiment with genres more than many other studios. Marvel has experimented with rated R comedy (in Deadpool), and a very interesting classic western flick (in Logan). Coming soon, Marvel is even releasing a horror franchise called The New Mutants! Not many studios can say that they are open to playing with genres.

Marvel does not shy away from challenges. Those are all things that make Marvel so unique, special, and fantastic.

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