Are dance and figure skating sports?

Not only until recent years people are viewing Dance and figure skating as a sport as they should have although may argue they are not a sport but a form of art

People look at dance as an art but is more than that; it is a way for many to express themselves and their feelings. Meanwhile you are not just opening yourself up to others,you are also working out.

In order to dance you need to stay in shape and build muscle. The workouts dancers and football players do share many components; they both use a variety of ab and leg workouts in order to maintain a hard core and to perform to their fullest extent on the field and the dance floor.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a sport as  “a contest or game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other.”

Dance and figure skating fit right into this definition. Dance competitions where performers showcase their skills, have all the elements needed in order to consider it a sport. Many dispute by saying it’s not since dance does not compete weekly or in the olympics. Neither do sports like softball and baseball, which don’t compete in the olympics, but are still considered a sport.

Athletes work on their sport for many years usually starting as child around the age of five. It is necessary in order to succeed in the sport to put in years and hours of their commitment to a sport by a daily practice if you dream to make it to the big leagues.

Figure skating is a complex and skilled heavy sport requiring years of practice to master one move. To have any chance at reaching the Olympics like other sports figure skaters must have spent the majority of their life on the ice. Figure skating comes with the high risk danger and injury due to the delicacy of the sport. They have to be very precise with their moves so they won’t hurt themselves or their partner.

The thrill of competing is what sports are all about. Watching your favorite team or athlete prevail is what excites fans of both team sports and individual sports alike. If we can confidently say football is a sport then dance and figure skating is as well despite it being viewed as an art.