A “fountain” of useful knowledge

For the thirsty student, wandering parched and hopeless through the vaguely clay-colored hallways of Blake, there is no more necessary respite than the few seconds taken out of one’s busy schedule to patronize one of the school’s many water fountains: veritable oases of hydration.
Yet, while these fountains are in no doubt miraculous for those seeking to stave off oncoming dehydration, it cannot be denied that some water fountains are simply better than others. So, if you’re not tripping the line between conscious and unconscious due to how much your body needs just a little more of that good H20 and have some semblance of choice to which fountain you give your attention too, I have a few I think may stand out from the others and a few I would recommend avoiding at all costs.
To start with the good news first, our school is blessed with a select number of water fountains that excel at what they are doing. Most of these fountains are clustered near the back of the school, you’ll find one at the very end of both the E and F hallways upstairs and downstairs. While all four of these fountains are exceptional, the best, in my opinion, is most definitely the one at the end of the upstairs F hallways. The problem with the two E hallway water fountains is that, while the water may be the perfect level of teeth-chilling cold, the height of the fountain’s arc is too inconsistent. I can be halfway through enjoying a very high-quality sip of some very high-quality water when, out of absolutely nowhere, the stream of water drops well below my mouth level, and just when I correct course it leaps back up again, this time showering me with unwanted moisture. This inconsistency becomes even more problematic when you are trying to fill your water bottle, and I don’t think the quality of these fountains’ water is enough to outweigh the struggle they entail.
The F hallway water fountains, on the other hand, have the same quality of water as their E hallway colleagues, except their streams almost always stay level throughout the entire duration of your sip. While this makes them two of the best water fountains in the school, it does not make the number one water fountain in the school. That honor goes to the water fountain in downstairs D hallway, right across from the music hall. This water fountain’s incredibly consistent water stream levels, the chilled temperature that retains just the tiniest bit of sweetness, and the fact that you can drink for as long as you want and the water stays the same quality throughout, make it hands-down the best water fountain in the school. My studies have shown that you will get the best water Blake has to offer from this water fountain at exactly 5 pm, just in case you were wondering.
But, before I forget, there are some water fountains you must avoid at all costs. These include any fountains in the gym hallways- the water is lukewarm, the stream is too low, and they leave an almost dusty taste in your mouth like there are way too many minerals in it. I would also recommend averting your attention away from the water fountain at the very end of the D hallway by the dance studio; it may only be a short walk from the best fountain in the school, but do not let that fool you- this water fountain is terrible. The tragic part of this is that, three years ago, it was the uncontested champion of Blake water fountains, but a year of broken pipes and renovations left it with awful, stale, barely even lukewarm water that fails on every level; oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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