A Breakdown of the School’s Girls Bathrooms

In the seven hours we spend at school as students, at some point, we’ll have to use the bathroom. But which one should we use and which should we avoid or at least be mentally prepared to go into?

Public bathrooms, in general, are seen as disgusting and sometimes uncomfortable since you don’t share it with your family but with hundreds of strangers. Most public bathrooms are kept clean but sometimes there are those with broken toilets, freezing or burning sink water, faulty hand dryers, odd smells, or aric weather.

Out of all the bathrooms in Blake, the best would be the one on the second floor A hallway right above the auditorium. This restroom meets all the requirements one would hope from a public restroom: it’s clean, doesn’t smell, has soap and good water temperature with a working hand dryer and an adequate room temperature. The second best goes to the F hallway bathroom by the math office. This one has all the requirements as well but it doesn’t have the convenience of having more stalls like the one in the A hall.

The worst bathroom in this school, although there are a few, is the one across the black box theater. It is overly crowded, smells disgusting, the room temperature is disturbingly hot as its sink water is scalding, and the soap isn’t always available. I refuse to enter this bathroom anymore because it’s the worst experience. The second worst is the other bathroom in the A hall upstairs. This one would either smell like rotten eggs or be cold; sometimes a combination of both. This needs to be fixed immediately because sometimes the smell is so strong that you can smell it from the hallway.

There are bathrooms that are, for the most part, decent but there are still things that make other bathrooms inconvenient to use. One is the restroom by the auditorium which requires preparation before you enter. Whenever I have to use that bathroom I make sure I have my coat, gloves, and hat before I go in because I might as well be walking into the north pole. B hall downstairs has a good amount of stalls, enough hand soap, and room tempered sink water, but when you go to dry your hands it is impossible because that hand dryer has been broken for the past century.

The bathrooms that could not be evaluated since they were not open on the day I passed by in the morning, lunch, and after school is downstairs F hallway. These bathrooms seem to be closed most days and are just inconvenient for the nearby classroom.

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