Dave & Busters AfterProm Returns For a Price

Dave & Busters is the confirmed venue for this year’s AfterProm despite the obstacles the coordinating team faced to ensure a night of fun and safety.

After the Dave & Busters located in White Flint Mall was torn down, Blake’s AfterProm resorted to alternative, less expensive venues.

When the coordinating team for After Prom heard that D&B was a possibility for this year they jumped at the opportunity: “This D&B has just recently opened and we are super excited [for it] to be back,” says After Prom Coordinator Amy Cole.

Cole managed to secure the location, but it wasn’t easy. Due to D&B’s recent resurrection, it was difficult to book the location as other local schools were competing for the fun-filled locale.

Hosting After Prom at Dave and Busters was a popular custom for previous years–one of which left students asking about the sports bar’s reappearance for the After Proms to come. “It seemed clear to us that this was the preferred choice of our students,” says Cole.

Cole and the After Prom coordinating team was dedicated to vying over the reputable D&B because of its safe and fun atmosphere, allocating a $32,000 budget towards the night and the activities. Despite the high cost, Cole believes it will be a worthy investment: “It is more expensive but our hope is that D&B will increase interest and attendance and result in increased safety.”

The funds will specifically go towards reserving D&B as a whole, door prizes (including 3 BIG prizes given away at the end of the night), t-shirts, security, and other miscellaneous items. The goal is to attract more students to attend After Prom so that their safety is assured by being at a supervised event.

Even with its heightened cost, D&B makes for a stress-free planning. “When you use a facility like a recreation center or a school, you have to plan everything,” Cole says, “including catering, entertainment, decorations on top of raise money.” With D&B, the sole focus is on fundraising.

For Cole, running into obstacles is a recurring aspect of planning After Prom, and this year is no exception: “There are always obstacles,” says Cole, “such as parking, which doors to use for entry, recruiting volunteers, and–the biggest obstacle–how will we raise all of this money?” In an attempt to do so, funds are being collected through direct donations to the Blake PTSA as well a clothing drives.

Ultimately, the main goal for Cole and her team is to provide students with a substance-free, safe, and fun celebration on their Prom night to avoid life-changing mistakes. “You’ve worked too hard and come too far to make a poor decision that changes your life or someone else’s…forever,” Cole says.

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