Bright future for staff and students with new principal Sinclair

Robert Sinclair, new high school principal as of this year, has many years of experience under his belt as a teacher, assistant principal, and coach.

Mr. Sinclair started as a coach and a teacher, teaching at Winchester, Virginia, for a year. After that, Mr. Sinclair began his career in Montgomery County by providing his coaching and teaching services to Kennedy High School for three years. “My wife and I moved houses and the ride was just way too long,” says Mr. Sinclair, “so I moved to Northwest.” As he taught at Northwest, he also served as a coach for the geometry team.

Despite his efforts and hard work, Northwest did not offer him a leadership position. Therefore, when Mr. Sinclair heard about the opening in math department head for Redland Middle School, he jumped at the opportunity. One year later, he was offered an administrative position and one promotion after another which eventually lead him to become Redland’s principal.

Although he was grateful for the position, Mr. Sinclair says, “My biggest worry at that point was if it was going to keep me from going into high school.” At the time, with two children, the amount of work required to work in middle school catered to his schedule well. Mr.Sinclair says, “I wanted to put in love and be a part of what they[my kids] were doing, but now that they’re in high school, things kind of settled.”

Mr. Sinclair claims that working as a high school administrator is not so different from working in middle school. He says, “The instructions are the same, but I have to learn about the changes for colleges and tests since I last worked at a high school.”

Mr. Sinclair has already been very accepting of new ideas for the school, according to SGA president Jordan Rundlett. As Rundlett brought up the importance of murals in an arts school, Sinclair was said to have been very open-minded. He says, “Sinclair said he was going to talk to the people in order to create murals in our halls.”

Rundlett is not the only person to support Blake’s new member, as math teacher Michael Krawczel characterizes Mr. Sinclair as a reliable person from his past experience of working with him in Northwest High School. Mr. Krawczel says, “I remember him as a conscientious, thoughtful teacher who took everything seriously. He’s interested in what’s going around, so he’s going to be a lot more visible.”

Although from humble beginnings, Mr. Sinclair has big goals for Blake. His goals involve not only making Blake one of the best schools in ranking, but also having students actually want to come into school everyday. He says, “I want an environment where kids enjoy, staff enjoy, and great things continue to happen.”

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