Auditorium named in honor of school founder, principal, art aficonado

Founding principal Carole C. Goodman was honored by the naming of the auditorium in remembrance of her work in the community after helping shape the school and encouraging the signature program of the arts.

Although Mrs. Goodman has not worked at Blake since 2010, she returned on June 16 when the theater was dedicated to her. The crowd that joined her at this event consisted of people close to her, including many of the first staff members of the school and her colleagues over the years.

After being the one to suggest and push for the theater to be built when the building was being made, Mrs. Goodman gets recognition for years to come with her name displayed across the building. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have a permanent legacy for something that was such a significant and important part of my life for so long,” Mrs. Goodman says.

Current social studies teacher Mary Wagner was hired by Mrs. Goodman before the school even opened. Mrs. Wagner formulated the petition to name the auditorium and acknowledge her friend’s impact on the school, especially the signature program. “She was essentially Blake’s mother,” Mrs. Wagner says. “She created the school with her own vision, including especially her love for the arts.”

Principal Christopher Berry was also among the first staff members hired personally by Mrs. Goodman. “We have a long relationship. I think the best way to describe Ms. Goodman is that she’s been a mentor to me,” says Mr. Berry. “Somebody who’s helped to shape me in terms of who I’ve become as a principal of a high school.”

When Mrs. Goodman retired several years ago, a large event was held with alumni from Blake high school, approximately 500 people in total. This time, the ceremony was kept small and personal helping Mrs. Goodman look back on the impact she had. Blake will always be in my heart,” She says. “Those years were absolutely the best of my career; I loved every minute of it.”

Overall the letters will stay as a symbol of Mrs. Goodman’s dedication and what Blake stands for. “For me it was a great day and it just reminded me over 18+ years, what I really love about this place,” Mr. Berry says.

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