AP Seminar and Research welcomed to Blake

(This is an archived article from the old website, so the name of the author appears incorrectly. The original article was written by Shivangi Sikri)

AP Seminar, part of the AP Capstone program, is a primarily research and discussion-based class that was introduced to Blake for the first time this year.
From learning about the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, to researching the implications of globalization, the class is largely interdisciplinary, covering a broad range of topics that appeal to a variety of different interests.
Students develop proper researching skills and then learn how to apply the knowledge they gain from research towards producing and defending claims on various topics.
In addition to their own research, students spend a good chunk of their class period reading and analyzing essays of peers.
As opposed to most of the AP classes offered at Blake, AP Seminar strays from the path in that it doesn’t focus on a set curricula of topics and is almost all based on student led discussions rather than teacher lectures.
Junior Jennifer Cheng is currently one of the students enrolled in AP Seminar. “I wanted to take AP Seminar because I personally really enjoy the idea of researching a topic in depth, and, in my opinion, no other class presented the level of freedom AP Seminar and Research did.”
She states that the idea of spending a whole year on designing her own research questions excited her. Cheng believes that this class will benefit her in the long run by providing her with the knowledge necessary for completing research projects in college and also by gaining valuable skills that will help her in the work force.
Cheng expresses enjoyment regarding her time in AP Seminar and encourages other students to try out the class. She adds, “I don’t think there’s ever a dull moment in class.”
She believes that this course is different from any other class she has taken because it provides her with the freedom to explore topics that actually interest her, while also allowing her to hear the opinions of her peers.


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