New doors making their way into Blake

If you’ve been in the hallways recently around Blake, you’ve probably noticed some new additions to the building, as six new doorways are being added to the school.

According to Principal Bob Sinclair, five new door frames have been put in on the first floor and one on the second floor of the building.

One reason these doors have been put into the building is fire safety. The local fire marshall did an inspection of the school and expressed his concerns with the gates that come down in the evening hours of the day while students participate in after-school activities.

The gates were placed in a way that someone could get locked in an area without and, in the event of a fire, the last thing someone wants to be is stuck. These new doors will provide a one-way passage through the building that has been deemed safer than the gates.

Another reason for the change to doors is their ability to lock off parts of the building temporarily and without the struggle of lifting up an entire gate. In the case of an event, say a person that could harm the students in the back of the school, the front can be locked off, and vice versa.

Mr. Sinclair predicts that the door installations will be complete in two to three weeks.