New assistant principal, math resource teacher join staff

Assistant principal Mark Brown and math resource teacher Dayo Adia joined the staff this year, hoping to use their past experiences to support students and staff.

Previously working as an administrator for 6 years at Norwood and at Richard Montgomery High School, Mr. Brown came to Blake after hearing great things from past colleagues and members of the community. “I knew a couple of really good people who were associated with and/or worked at Blake,” says Mr. Brown, “Everybody had nothing but good things to say about the school.”

Before becoming an administrator, Mr. Brown held a variety of positions, from social studies teacher to world language resource teacher, gaining experience with students in the classroom and supporting teachers on a smaller scale. He transitioned into an administrator hoping to expand his influence from his classroom and reach students, parents, and staff all over the school and community.

Mr. Brown expressed enthusiasm about becoming a part of the Blake community. “I’m just excited about the opportunity to get to know new people, learn new traditions and customs, and become emotional about students’ accomplishments,” he says.

Mr. Brown came to blake with the goal to support the students and staffs as best he can. “The biggest thing I want to bring is…the love that individuals showed me when I was in school,” he says, “I just want each teacher and student to know [that] I’m here for them.”

Mrs. Adia came to Blake to be closer to home, inspire students, and further the vision of the school. Using her experience as an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacher, as well as the math resource teacher at Watkins Mill High School, Mrs. Adia expressed hope to support teachers and students in whatever way she can.

As a resource teacher, Mrs. Adia provides feedback to teachers in the math department to ensure active learning. She says, “My role is to support teachers and students and make sure as teachers we’re meeting our instructional goal.” Some of those goals include helping students make better sense of problems and explain their reasoning.

Similar to Mr. Brown, being in a position where she can influence more people is what attracted Mrs. Adia to this position. “I got tired of just having my circle be my classroom,” she says, “I wanted to step up and increase my sphere of influence.”

A passion to help students understand math is what motivates Mrs. Adia to teach. “I feel like my main purpose in life is to teach math but in a holistic way so I’m always working on incorporating life skills in my class.” Teaching allows, Mrs.Adia to connect with students first hand. “I am very passionate about seeing students not only learn math, but really understand it,” she adds.