Multiple reasons and scenarios that answers the question, Why AirPods ?

Apple AirPods are a great, affordable choice for buyers. These wireless earphones have a microphone built in, so you can listen to music and talk to people without the annoying wires in the way. I don’t know any other headphones of this type of quality and with these features.

The new generation of iPhones, 8, 8+, X, XR, etc. do not have a headphone jack. Apple made it so you have to plug your headphones into your charging port. This develops a dilemma once it comes down to either charging your phone or listening to music, videos or talking on the phone. You do not want people in your business, so you stop your video, music or what have you to save your phone from dying.

AirPods alleviate that problem by being wireless, as you use Bluetooth to activate them. You can now charge your phone and listen to music or watch videos at the same time.

I know everyone has pulled their headphones out their pocket and had to take their time to untangle them. We can all agree that is one of the most frustrating and time consuming activities just to vibe out to music or laugh at a YouTube video. AirPods just require opening the charging case and putting them in your ear, and then you are ready to go. It is a simple sequence that can be done about ten to twenty times before you finish untangling your headphones.

Another nice thing about AirPods are their design. Their sleek white design with little accents for ventilation are just so elegant. The sound quality is amazing as well. I can drown out my loud, two-year-old brother and enter my own world with them.

A common misconception is that they are easy to lose. For one, they fit snugly in your ear and you can play sports with them before they fall out. Furthermore, they have a charging case that they reside in that is a good size and easy to keep track off. Lastly, if you lose the charging case, you can just use Find My iPhone to locate them.

AirPods are easy to hide. You can have them in, put on a hood and no one would know they are there. You can use this tactic in school so you can listen to music without teachers knowing.