Korean Fusion Gas Station Eatery Blows Minds

The Korean-Asian-Mexican fusion hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Seoul Food DC, is an inviting and vegan-friendly place with impeccable food, that you and your family may want to go visit during this fall/winter season.

Owned and operated by husband and wife, Jon and Anna Goree, family and cultural pride extends throughout the establishment. Fusing Anna’s Korean heritage and exceptional palate with Jon’s deep-rooted appreciation for nature, Seoul Food was created with such balance in mind. Priding themselves on serving honest food, Seoul Food primarily obtains their ingredients from locally sourced farms and ensures that each of them are clean and economical for the environment.


Situated only a block away from the Westfield Wheaton mall, you might not notice Seoul Food at first among the rest of the diverse eateries that make up the culinary hub going down University Boulevard. After all, it does operate within the same space as an Exxon gas station convenience store. Nonetheless, Seoul Food proves itself able to make the best out of its unconventional location by compensating with all the other delights it has to offer customers.


On our first steps inside, we are immediately greeted with a sense of home. Vibrant pieces of pop art, flowery motivational posters, and quaint little prayer flags adorn the walls, perking up the room with an air of whimsicality. Though the only thing physically separating the restaurant from the gas station was a chalkboard easel detailing the day’s specials, it immediately felt as if we had stepped into an alternate dimension.


From nutritious vegan rice bowls to bulgogi hoagies, Seoul Food boasts a wide range of food options for customers with all types of cravings and diets. For the indecisive eaters out there, look towards the front counter where plastic food models, sculpted to replicate the exact appearances of some of the establishment’s favorite dishes, are displayed to help customers find a unique preview of what to expect.


While vegan cuisine is typically associated with preconceived notions of bland and unfulfilling food, I can tell you firsthand that Seoul Food’s seasonal Nirvana Donburi will blow your expectations of vegan food out of the water. The donburi, a Japanese mixed rice bowl dish, is incorporated with a refreshing American autumn twist in the form of locally-sourced butternut squash. A prominent component of the dish is the house-made “nirvana mix”, consisting of shiitake mushrooms, lightly sauteed tofu, cashews, water chestnuts, spinach, and a touch of ginger sauce, all of which is also classic to many other of the restaurant’s renowned rice bowl platters. The butternut squash, arguably the star of the dish, along with the accompanying tofu and cashews from the nirvana mix, all give the donburi a satisfying hearty bite that’ll make you realize that you don’t need meat to make a great meal.


Seoul Food also has wonderful dishes that have meat in them. The Korean Bowl they serve is to die for. The Korean Superbowl includes sticky rice topped with choice of protein, jalapeno and serrano relish, caramelized kimchi, scallion, queso fresco, cheddar, and Korean salsa roja. From the first bite to the last, the meal was incredible. Another suggestion for non vegans would be the Bibimbap.The Bibimbap is the most popular dish sold at Seoul Food, consisting of a  large bowl of sticky rice topped with mixed baby greens, carrots, daikon and red radish, sunny side-up cage free egg, and choice of protein.


With a decent price for the excellent quality of each meal, Seoul Food is definitely a restaurant we would recommend to all. The pricing is great, as every meal is no more than $15.

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