Lack of funding changes AfterProm location to local recreation center

After a night of fun at prom, students this year will head to AfterProm which will now be held at the White Oak Recreation Center in Colesville from 1 am to 5 am instead of last year’s venue at Dave & Buster’s.

PTSA President Amy Creel says lack of funding caused the change in location. “Unfortunately we just didn’t have the manpower to pull that off again this year,” Creel says.

Having AfterProm at Dave and Buster’s required a lot of money that is earned through year-round fundraising. Within the student body, some have shared their disappointment in what feels like a downgrade. “I feel as if we are not getting our money’s worth,” senior Yenework Tezera expresses. Seniors who attended last year’s AfterProm expressed having low expectations.

Although the venue is not as vast as Dave & Buster’s, that did not stop Mrs. Creel from going all out with the activities planned for the night. There will be tons of games, lots of food, prizes to win, and even a hypnotist.

More than the location or extravagance of the AfterProm, Mrs. Creel emphasizes the ultimate goal and importance of AfterProm, which is to keep kids safe on the night of prom. “Drinking and driving is a real concern for any high school—especially surrounding a big event like prom,” Creel says. With AfterProm, students are given a safe space to continue having fun with friends in a controlled environment.

As a teenager, Creel lost a member of her community to a drunk driving accident, so AfterProm is something she values to promote safe fun for everyone. “If we lose any student to drinking and driving, we are all impacted,” says Mrs. Creel.

When talking about the difficulties in planning AfterProm, Mrs. Creel highlighted the lack of parent volunteers. “A lot of people think AfterProm is ‘just’ about the seniors, but it’s really about the entire Blake community,” Mrs. Creel adds.

Tickets will be sold on the Blake website and students do not have to attend prom to be able to attend AfterProm, as long as they are a junior or senior.

CORRECTION: The story that ran in the May 3 print edition reported that the junior class does the fundraising for AfterProm. The PTSA provides the financing for the event.