Kind bank robbers, time travel, and more

From physicists learning how to theoretically reverse time, robbers stealing fake paintings, these recent events are ones to remember.

K-pop star Lee Seung-hyun, also known as Seungri, has been caught up in sexual misconduct scandals. The star announced over social media that he would be stepping away from his music in light of recent charges. According to FOX news, the singer is being investigated for drugging women for prostitution.

This comes after Jung Joon-young, another K-pop star, resigned from the entertainment industry after turning himself in on allegations of spreading explicit videos involving himself and other women without their consent.

In South China, a woman was robbed at knifepoint at an ATM before something unexpected happened. Video surveillance shows the woman handing the robber RMB2,500 (equivalent to $371) but according to That’s magazine the man asked to see her account balance and proceeded to smile at the woman and hand back the money. Despite his kindness, the man, known by his surname Deng, has been arrested and detained.

In more tragic news, at least five students were killed March 13 during a shooting in São Paulo, Brazil. The New York Times reports that both assailants were former students at the school and took their own lives after the attack. Nine other students were injured during the shooting, most of which were 15 years old.

On a more lighthearted note, a report from details how sea otters have been leaving behind records of their history on shoreline rocks. Otters use rocks as anvils to break open hard-shelled food and the rock markings they leave have been used to record the otters’ archaeological history. In the future, this research can help archaeologists uncover the history of now-extinct otters by studying the history of their anvil use.

Italian thieves stole a supposedly valuable painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger however, according to BBC, local police aren’t worried about the incident. Before the incident, the famous painting depicting several crucifixions was replaced by a fake one. Police were aware of the intended heist so they also placed security cameras to try and catch the thieves. Authorities are currently analyzing the footage to find the suspects.

Time travel into the past has seen recent advances, in theory, thanks to quantum technology. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has worked together with the U.S. and Switzerland to create evidence of the ability to travel to the past.

According to, they were able to turn the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second into the past, essentially reversing the events within the computer. The study’s lead author Gordey Lesovik explained how doing this could violate the second law of thermodynamics. Traveling to the past may now be a future possibility.