Invading Polar Bears, Mega Meth, and More!

From climate protests to a mother selling her baby for $2,000, don’t miss this week’s World News recap.

Australian police seized around 1.7 tons of methamphetamine after an information technology worker and two customs agents attempted to smuggle the drug from Bangkok to Melbourne in large stereo speakers. According to Good News Network, the meth, valued at $818 million, could make up to a quarter of the country’s annual use. The husband-and-wife team of customs agents has been detained, so stay tuned for their May 7th court appearances. 

Drug dealing is one thing, but the advent of baby dealing should come as no surprise to any regular reader of World News. Three people have been arrested in Kentucky: a mother intending to sell her baby for $2,000 and a couple she did not know. Maria Domingo-Perez, 31, gave no hint as to why she would try to barter her infant. For your own sake, don’t try to sell a baby, it’s a felony. 

In other news, a 37-year-old father of two has spent 1,200 hours renovating his DeLorean car to match the time machine in Back to the Future. After pouring a small fortune into the project, James Napier now uses the replica to drive his kids to school. While the flux capacitor may not be real, there is no doubt that the high schoolers’ friends envy having one of the coolest dads in the world. 

  In Europe, Austrian authorities plan to turn Adolf Hitler’s birthplace near the German border into a police station to deter those wishing to idolize the brutal dictator. For decades, neo-Nazis have flocked to Adolf Hitler’s birthplace like flies to fruit. Many of the house’s owners have reported several problems with Hitler admirers.

Ryrkaypiy, a remote village in Russia, is being invaded, forcing residents to stay in their homes. According to CNN, around 60 hungry polar bears have come to the town of 500 to feed. The melting of polar ice caps as a result of climate change has negatively affected the bears’ natural habitats and hunting grounds, forcing them to seek food elsewhere. 

Speaking of climate change, protestors continue to block streets in downtown DC for another consecutive Friday of environmental activism. According to The Washington Post, the protestors, 32 of whom were arrested, traveled from George Washington University to the World Bank headquarters before spreading throughout DC. Ironically, many morning commuters who were trapped for hours in the gridlocked traffic ended up burning more fossil fuel as a result. Read more about climate activism in our article: This is What Democracy Looks Like: Inside the Climate Action Movement.

Lastly, following Disney’s release of the second trailer for its live-action reboot of Mulan, Chinese lead actress Liu Yifei has received much praise from mainstream media sources and fans on social media for landing the role as an accomplished actor. However, many in Hong Kong are calling for a boycott of the film. This comes after Yifiei’s public endorsement of Hong Kong’s brutal police, who have been beating down on the region’s pro-democracy youth movements.