Hollywood abandons originality, releases numerous sequels, remakes

It seems nearly impossible to go to the movies these days without seeing a remake or a title ending with “2”. The trend of replacing fresh, creative movies with an onslaught of reboots has become evident in the films hitting theaters.

Currently, 11 of the 27 movies being shown at AMC theaters are either sequels or remakes of movies that have already been released. Movies seem to be trading quality and heart for mediocrity and profit. A lack of originality is apparent. Pumping out films in quantity, not quality is disheartening to any film buff.

Star Wars and Marvel are two of the biggest perpetrators. Star Wars has released a film every year since 2015 and will continue to into 2019. While some fans stick by the series and its new releases, the mass production of the movies comes across as lazily choosing a cash grab over creating thoughtful and memorable works.

One of the main causes for the sudden increase in remakes and revivals is just that: Creating movies that already had a fanbase so they will be a surefire hit in the box office. Marvel already has three movies scheduled to come out in 2019, and because of its extremely large following, the probability is that they will be successful.

Dredging up concepts that have already been explored (sometimes decades earlier) is getting tired. The screen is a place for filmmakers explore, tell a never before heard story, and express themselves. Its full potential is not being used when new scripts and ideas are being pushed to the back burner.

The success of these mass produced movies also takes away from the success of smaller films. When the same corporations are dominating theaters, screen time is taken away from creatives. In addition, the public is more likely to play it safe when it comes to going out to see a movie. It is easier to opt into seeing a film that you enjoyed the original version of than seeing something new at the risk that you might spend money on it and then hate it.

In the future, hopefully the stream of sequels and remakes will start to slow and make way for unique films, the kind that might yield best picture nominations if given the chance.