Halloween: day for Air Head Nerds

Many children around the country look at Halloween as a day of wearing costumes and going to strangers’ houses, and the idea of this annual event gives lots of people… joy?
I’m going to level with you; I’m not a fan. I am more than aware that there are plenty of adults that enjoy this “holiday” too, which might be my biggest problem.
Let’s start with facts: Over the many decades of this sad excuse for a holiday, innocent trick-or-treaters have fallen victim to candy that is laced with drugs or, in several cases, apples with razors in them. This makes for health scares and will ruin your sacred Halloween experience.
Another problem I have with Halloween is the adults that enjoy this holiday. In my own personal experience, I’ve known adults that spend well over $500 on a costume to wear for one night. There are people who buy expensive costumes for the sake of having an expensive costume and bragging about how expensive their costume was.
Then there are people who use Halloween as an excuse to go out, drink, and party. These people make the most sense to me. Some “holidays” don’t make sense, and if one’s idea of celebrating Halloween is going out and doing something you could do literally any other day of the year, there’s really no sense in disagreeing with them.
You will commonly find people out on the streets trick-or-treating that are quite clearly way too old to be doing what they are doing. When I was much younger, I remember seeing these people and judging them heavily. But as I’ve grown, absolutely nothing has changed. These people seem equally as, if not more, unpleasant as they did when I was a kid.
As someone who hasn’t been trick-or-treating in almost a decade, I’ve come to understand a frustration that no active participant of Halloween will ever be able to: people ringing your doorbell at 10:00 or later.
There really is no feeling like shutting your door for the last time and turning off your lights, thinking you are finally headed off to bed. Then your doorbell rings and some toddler decides that you’re still handing out candy, and there isn’t a single thing you can do about it.