Thrifting diversifies, expands student styles

Out with the old and in with the… older? Many students are going thrifting to find novelty and quality clothing at bargain prices to spice up their wardrobes.

Thrifting can be for anyone. Encompassing a variety of clothing, from brand name to vintage, these value stores enable students to express themselves without emptying their wallets. “My friend found Supreme in a thrift shop and it’s amazing,” says junior Keni Waithaka. He adds, “If your aesthetic is the old type–maybe the 80s or 90s–thrift shops will definitely have clothes for you.”

When it comes to getting the best finds, persistence is key. “You just really have to dig deep,” says junior Leeda Roughani. What can appear to be an intimidating mass of unwearable clothes to some is a shelter for unique pieces to others. Many thrifters express that they must have patience and take their time sorting through the racks.

Not confining yourself to gendered sections also appears to yield the best hauls. “I brave the whole entire store. There might be some nice jackets that were misplaced or might even fit me. There’s no shame honestly,” says Waithaka.

Besides, certain sections seem to hold better items than others and checking each aisle prevents thrifters from missing out. “The men’s section has the best things,” says junior Michele Wright. “Especially if you’re crafty, you can find [interesting pieces] and [alter] them to be form fitting.”

Roughani also advises future thrifters to keep a watchful eye on prices. “[Stores] will mark things up that don’t really need to be marked up,” she says. To avoid this, she suggests comparing the quality of the items to the price: appropriately priced items will reflect their quality. She also recommends generally staying under 30 dollars for each piece.

Similarly, Senior Hazel Saravia sets a limit for herself. She says, “If it’s over $16 then girl, you don’t need it.” She also recommends that people use a cart, inspect the clothes, and wear easy clothes while shopping to make trying on items easier.  “Try things out over your shirt. Try things out in the dressing room. No one cares that you’re there. For shoes, always look at the sole. Look at the laces,” she says.

If thrifting has been on your mind, now may be the time to take a trip to your local store. Popular locations include 2nd Avenue, Unique Thrift, Goodwill and Uptown Cheapskate.

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