New coach brings positivity to girls basketball after losing streak season

New to the Blake athletics department this winter season is varsity girls basketball Coach Chris Towle, with hopes of a better season for the team.

Coming in with a variety of coaching experience, Coach Towle plans to take the girls to victory this season. Coach Towle was the student assistant for both his high school team and at Suny Brockport State University of New York at Brockport. For the past three years he was JV girls basketball coach at  St Paul’s school for girls and at the Park school of Baltimore.

Last year, the girls’ basketball program had a rough season, Coach Towle says, “The team last year struggled, everyone knows that…The very first thing I told them is that we need to build the family mentality”. Coach Towle has high expectations for the team, he says “I use…a servant leader, a powerful phrase which basically means…what can they do to help everyone else, not themselves, everyone else”.

Right now, Coach Towle is a fresh start for the team to get themselves back on top, bringing with him a new atmosphere. He says, “positivity: that’s the biggest thing [to bring] energy, and making the kids realize they can be successful.” He also adds, “But you also have to be willing to not fear failing.” Since, for the most part, people learn from their failures.

Although Coach Towle has not been here for that long yet, he says “Absolutely [the girls’ team has] improved …we’re going to be a very good basketball team.” Coach Towle has high expectations for the team to succeed, he says “[The] common goal…[is] if they can leave practice feeling…better about one thing or more confident…then it’s been a good practice for everyone,” Coach Towle adds, “I have tremendous belief in them.”

Being on the girls varsity basketball team last year, senior captain and forward Alex Konzmann says, “I’m really excited because it’s a whole new system and I feel like it will turn the season around and make it better.”  Having a new coach who is changing their team strategies and relationship from what is was last year, she says “I feel like we’re closer already then we were last year and [watching] our first couple scrimmages there’s a ton of improvement from last year”

Athletics director Jared Fribush was in search for a new girls varsity basketball coach since the beginning of the year. From all the applicants Mr. Fribush says “Coach Towle blew it away… [He] had a really strong interview, brought a lot of energy, and [is] passionate about what he [does].”  And Mr. Fribush adds, “Bringing him in has really brought some enthusiasm and optimism to the program.

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