New Club Seeks to demystify medicine: help students understand and achieve their goals

Starting a club is a resourceful way for students to leave their personal mark on the school, and is one often pursued by the Bengals most determined to make a substantive difference to their peers.

One such student is senior Nathan Phillips, who recently founded the Blake Med Society alongside his teacher sponsor, health teacher Litonya Livingston. Phillips founded the society, which so far has served as a place for students interested in medicine to congregate and learn from each other as growing mentors, just this year around the end of September.   

He adds, “I started Med Society club to help expose people to different practices of medicine and help them get a headstart on their career.” Phillips himself has long-held a desire to pursue a career in medicine with a concentration in sports medicine.

While Phillips has a clear goal for his medical career, he understands the daunting task many other interested students face when deciding what they’re actually looking for, or even where to start. He says, “A lot of people want to go into medicine but don’t know what part of medicine they want to go into- this [the club] is to expose others to different avenues inside of medicine.”

While offering career guidance and exposure to the variety of medical fields will remain the society’s highest imperative, Phillips also expressed a hope that the society would get the chance to take its members on informative tours of hospitals, medical schools, and other places where students can see medicine in full action. He also wants to bring in guest speakers to get people in the club directly involved in conversations and contact with professionals who can supply real-world experience and advice.

Currently, Phillips has plans to take the club to tour the National Institute of Health (NIH), where previously held internships and positions, provided him with the contacts to make his vision a possibility. Mrs. Livingston, who is also a health professor at Howard University, has been reaching out to her peers as well and is helping Phillips bring in guest speakers.

So far, though, the club is still in its infancy, and there is a lot of work to be done before they have the infrastructure to pull off these larger events. Phillips has already begun creating leadership positions within the club, recently selecting his Vice President, junior Caleb Banga, and two Financial Advisors, seniors Aylisha Adams and Sandra Evans. Their current meetings have focused on members presenting  their personal goals within medicine but Phillips intends to move on to bigger things as soon as possible. He says, “I believe that, if I’m going to go and work on a path myself and get there, why should I not bring other people with me? They should come with so they too can do their best.”

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