Coffee House plays host to Blake bands over the years

Local musicians and music lovers alike are finding a creative space to listen and perform at Sandy Spring Museum’s Teen Coffee House.

The monthly event gives local teenagers the opportunity to perform live in front of their peers. Junior Alyssa Roderick has played at the museum with her band “The Lipstick Killers” in previous months. “I think the Coffee House has helped not only myself but the rest of the band as performers,” says Roderick. “It helps us better understand what we’re good at and what we need to work on.”

The Coffee House is run by teens and creates a welcoming and creative atmosphere for other teens to express themselves. Usually, an evening at Coffee House consists of 5-6 different bands playing a short set list of both covers and original songs. It provides not only snacks and coffee, of course, but also gives  high schoolers who aren’t likely to meet otherwise, the opportunity to chat.

Despite the museum’s proximity to Sherwood High School, many Blake students have taken the chance to perform at Coffee House. Along with “The Lipstick Killers,” other Blake bands such as “The Cracked Crowns” and “No Clue” have performed in past years, and many students frequently attend to enjoy the show and support their friends.

Senior Chloe Friedman has been an audience member at the Teen Coffee House since  she found out about it two years ago. “I get to see so many talented people from different schools,” says Friedman. “The experience is different but great each time.”

Others have expressed their appreciation for having a place where they can interact with people who have similar passions. “I really do like playing coffeehouse,” says Roderick. “You get to see what different local bands are working on.”

The Teen Coffee House is sponsored by the museum and Project Change. Teens interested in performing at future coffee houses should contact Project Change at

The next Coffee House is November 17 from 7:30-10:30 pm. Admission is $5.

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