Blake Alumni Describe Life in the Outside World

Whether they are pursuing their passions locally or gearing up to travel, alumni still in Montgomery County are following their hearts after graduating from high school.


2014 alumnus Stephen Han has created a film production team based in Rockville. Currently alternating between work and leisure, 2017 alumni Brian Rozario, Cyrus Moore, and Natalie Selvin also have plans to travel. .


Han’s passion for cinematography inspired him to create The Home Visuals, a film production team which became an LLC this summer. The team started off by making short films which they uploaded onto facebook and youtube; they have since expanded to weddings, music videos, and commercials. “Eventually, we had to find out a way to make income so that we could fuel our passion for storytelling,” Han says.


Aside from shooting and editing content for clients and viewers, Han and his team host an improv night to connect with other content creators. “I want our team to continue to collaborate and create community of content creators in the east coast,” Han adds. “I would like to make to make an impact one person at a time.”


Like Han, Rozario is involved in the arts. He splits his time between classes at Montgomery College, spontaneous adventures, and making music. From explorations of abandoned asylums to vintage item hunting in thrift stores, each day holds something new for Rozario.  


Despite the spontaneity, there is a rhythm to his days. He spends at least four hours daily either practicing, mixing, mastering, or recording. Rozario plans to play shows around the country next summer and is working to produce an acoustic EP, which he plans to release in two months. “This is what I’m really passionate about, and I want to show everyone what I can make,” Rozario says.


Similarly, Moore makes punk rock music with his band and DJs for clubs when he’s not exploring with friends, going to class, or working out. He commutes to University of Maryland: College Park, but plans to take a few gap years to make music in Los Angeles. Moore expresses that it’s okay to not rush into college. “ Take a gap year or two and just figure out life or travel,” he says. “You have the rest of your life to learn.”


Taking a similar path, Selvin works part time at Riderwood Retirement Community, babysits every other week, and occasionally helps out at her mother’s business. Aside from work, Selvin will travel to Israel December in a ten day Jewish program called Birthright, and again in a five month study abroad program next summer. Selvin aims to attend Montgomery College before transferring to UMD or Townson.


Selvin offers some words of encouragement. “Really try your best [in school]… But if your current situation is where your grades don’t reflect your greatest, I say don’t worry,” she adds. “My grades suck, and yet I’m going to school in Israel. So there is always hope.”

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