Execution sprees, air haircuts, much more

Meat grinder fatalities, creepy attic boyfriends and people removing their hair and fingers, don’t miss this final issue’s crazy events.

Liberian President George Weah’s office has been invaded by snakes. Videos show the dark-colored serpents entering through a hole in the reception area and workers attempting to deal with the threat. The West African nation is home to many species of poisonous snakes and according to ABC, president Weah has been asked to stay away from the office until the area is clear.

Saudi Arabia has brutally executed 37 people convicted as “terrorists”. Among those executed was a man whose crime was committed while he was a minor, violating death penalty laws. According to Amnesty International, some of the men were unfairly convicted for anti-government demonstrations. In addition, some of the men’s trials included extraction through torture, violating international fair trial standards.

In happier news, many bees survived the Notre-Dame fire. Many of the 180,000 honey bees were kept in wooden boxes on top of the cathedral and beekeeper Nicolas Geant announced over social media that all three hives survived the fire.

A man broke a new world record, swimming 54 days straight across the crocodile-infested Lake Malawi in Africa. CNN states that 45-year-old Martin Hobbs hadn’t even swum a mile prior to his 361-mile journey across the lake. The South African athlete previously competed in off-road biking and was a marathon runner.

In more serious news, a Pennsylvania woman died after an accident involving a meat grinder. 35-year-old Jill Greninger was found by her coworker at the Economy Locker Storage Company in Muncy, Pennsylvania and according to BBC, authorities are unsure whether she fell into the machine or was pulled in while on a set of wheeled stairs.

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania woman discovered her creepy ex-boyfriend had been dwelling in her attic for weeks. According to Skynews, the mother of two had noticed things like blankets on the floor or toilet seats left up and she saw him standing in her room before calling the police. Cary Cocuzzi was arrested after attempting to hide under the woman’s clothes.

A video has surfaced showing a man shaving his entire head on a United Airlines flight. According to MSN, the video, filmed by an uncomfortable passenger, shows flight attendants simply ignoring the man. Haircuts might just be a regular part of his morning routine.

Speaking of cutting things, an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh chopped off his finger because he voted for the wrong candidate. A viral video shows 25-year-old Pawan Kumar with a bandage over his hand and the large cleaver used for his poor index finger. Kumar’s mistake was a result of mistaking the symbols for the political parties. For the sake of his other fingers, let’s hope he remembers who to vote for in the future.

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