Creed II is an action-packed and emotion-filled film that Rocky movie lovers will enjoy

Creed II, the continuation of the Rocky series, is a 2018 action film about the title fight between Ivan Drago’s son and Apollo Creed’s son, world champion Adonis Creed, who is looking to avenge his father’s death.

Michael B. Jordan plays the main character, Adonis Creed. Sylvester Stallone plays the famous Rocky Balboa, who is Adonis’ boxing trainer. Dolph Lundgren plays Captain Ivan Drago, the man who killed Adonis’ father, Apollo Creed, in a fight  The rest of the cast include Adonis’ family, Rocky’s family, and Drago’s son.

The movie was very fast paced and covered so much of the storyline in two hours and ten minutes. It was filled with action from beginning to end, keeping me on the edge of my seat. There were no dull moments. The fights were intense, and you could hear and feel every punch as the two fighters went blow for blow. Action alone, the film would have left me satisfied, but director Steven Calpe Jr incorporated heart hitting emotional scenes.

I really liked the development of the character Adonis Creed in the past two movies. In the first Creed, you could tell he was portrayed to be a young adult struggling to find his meaning in life, using boxing as a way to fulfill his dreams. He was casted in his father’s shadow in Creed I, but found his way out and made his own identity in Creed II.

Adonis went through two heartfelt life experiences to start his family and faced challenges mentally and physically. He used his family as his explanation to why he fought and battled through tough times to become a man.

Rocky films always have a plot twist in them that leave you sitting in shock, but they come in the beginning or middle of the movie so it leaves you in anticipation to how the story will unfold. Creed II definitely lived up to that as it was unpredictable for the most part.

The different settings of each character’s background were well illustrated: the houses they lived in, vibrant or dull colors, etc. The makeup work to show the facial injuries were very intriguing as well. The exquisite acting of the cast complimented the story line which equated to a great film.