Blake students taking on YouTube to showcase their interest and talent

YouTube is a platform used all over the world for virtually anyone to express their creative prowess, and several Blake students are hopping onto the wave of creators on the site.

Inspired by makeup gurus on YouTube, like James Charles and Zoella, junior Zoe Pahygiannis kicked off her beauty channel, Zoetsa P, last school year. She says, “I saw other people’s videos, and it seemed really fun to make so then I just did it, and it was fun.”

YouTube has allowed Pahygiannis to upload videos pertaining to her career interest in the beauty industry. She adds, “I want to go into a university for fashion design, and I want to get a makeup certificate. I want to be in the beauty world and all that.” Her videos range from traveling vlogs, to tutorials for dyeing hair, to videos showcasing her interest in fashion.

Another aspect of why YouTube has become so popular is that it has supported the idea of self-expression, where like-minded people come to influence one another and display their creativity. Pahygiannis says, “[YouTube] helps me express myself because if I make videos of stuff I like, then people…can get to know me better.”

“It’s fun to make videos with your friends because they always make it funnier. So I think that is my favorite part: that I can make videos that personally make me laugh or make me feel happy,” she adds.      

In his ambition to take on the entertainment business, senior Jay Elmore aims to pursue both his musical and comedic career through his YouTube channel, ThtBoyJ. “I plan to do more funny content, comedy, like vlogs and stuff like that,” he says. “ I want to get into music, but also I like performing for people.”

Elmore’s success with his channel has inspired others at school to attempt their own YouTube channels because of his content. “I’ve received a lot of good feedback [about my videos],” he says. “I’ve inspired a lot of people to start YouTube while [I was] starting and… they saw what I did, and they liked what type of content I created, and they thought they could also pursue that type of stuff.”

Though most of his videos fall under the category of pranks, vlogs and public interviews, Elmore still strives to create videos that are fresh and new. “Most of the time I don’t really like to do what everybody else is doing,” says Elmore. “I try to think of new things to do, something different that nobody has done before.”