Bengals weigh in on NBA, Favorite Teams, LaVar Ball

With the NBA season well underway, the students of Blake High School have had their chance to weigh in on how their favorite teams are performing so far.

Senior Philip Ellis shows preference toward the Boston Celtics, who went on a 16 game win streak early in the season. He gives his reason why he thinks they have had early success.

“I think if you’re a Celtics fan, you love Isaiah Thomas [who was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the offseason] but Kyrie Irving put the Celtics up to the next level,” says Ellis.

Senior Malik Raheem believes his favorite team, the local Washington Wizards, have a chance as well. He says, “Nobody in the East is good anymore. They’re gonna beat the Cavs. They’re gonna beat the Celtics.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder, who house the reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook, have gotten off to a losing record through 24 games after being a contender last year. “They’re all selfish players,” Ellis says, “and the coaching is bad.”

Senior Ibrahim Kanu, who favors the Thunder, believes that they will turn around. He says, “I feel like once they get it all together, they’re gonna win the whole thing.” Kanu adds, “No one in the East is a threat to anybody in the West.”

Junior TJ Sawo, another Thunder fan, believes the same thing. Sawo says, “Of course they could turn it around, they could go all the way and win the NBA Finals.”

Brandon Adams, fellow junior and Thunder fan, also mentions bitterness toward a former Thunder Star. Adams says, “Kevin Durant used to be my favorite player when he was on Oklahoma City Thunder, but ever since he left I kind of feel a little different towards him.”

Sawo is also not thrilled with Durant’s decision to leave. He says, “It was a bad decision for him. I wouldn’t’ve cared so much if he went to another team, but the Warriors, it hurt me.”

Ellis and Adams do have one opinion in common. Ellis expresses who he would like to see leave the world of the NBA. “I don’t like LaVar Ball, the dad of Lonzo Ball. I think he’s messing up his game and I don’t think that he should be that big of a deal.” says Ellis.

Adams adds, “I think that he is taking a lot of attention from his sons, all the hype he created for Lonzo before he came to the season has made it more difficult for him to show himself now that he has a lot of expectations to hold up, and recently he’s not necessarily been holding up those expectations.”

With several months of the season left to play, seemingly anything can happen, but these students will definitely be keeping an eye on their favorite teams.