Athletic department welcomes new addition to student wellness team

With a vacant spot in the role of athletic trainer, Blake has filled the gap and welcomed Andrea Durham to the athletic department.

Being an athletic trainer for a high school is an essential  job, and there are several qualities that athletic director Jared Fribush looks for in one. He says, “What we are looking for in an athletic trainer is someone who is responsive to the students, attentive to their needs, give medical attention but at the same time safely gets them back to athletic participation.”

Ms. Durham was recently placed at Blake by MedStar Health, the company Montgomery County athletic trainers work for, to replace the former athletic trainer Travis Snyder. Ms. Durham has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Tennessee State University and a master’s degree in athletic training from Seton Hall University. She has been a certified athletic trainer for five years now and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Blake is the first high school Ms. Durham has worked in, but she has worked at the college level before. She says, “Before Blake, I worked for men’s ice hockey at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts for the last three years.”

Although Ms. Durham spends a lot of hours at Blake during the week, being the school athletic trainer is not her only job. She says, “In addition to working at Blake High School, I am also a physician extender in both the orthopedic and physical medicine setting.”

Even in her free time, she is doing something that relates to her career. Ms. Durham says, “In my spare time, I enjoy powerlifting, attending sporting events, and taking courses to stay up to date on the latest research.”

The combination of interests in athletics and healthcare is what led to Ms. Durham to becoming an athletic trainer. Ms. Durham says, “I have always had a strong interest in athletics. I always knew that I wanted to do something in healthcare.” She adds, “When I became familiar with this career path, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

The most rewarding part about her job is helping players to be able to return to their sport. Ms. Durham says, “The best part about my job is seeing athletes return to peak form after what seems like a devastating injury.”