SPOILERS: Stranger Things Season Two leaves us with many unanswered questions

Coming off a high rated first season Stranger Things two did not give us the same thrill with it’s not so exciting plot and introduction of many minor characters

With strong personal narratives but a less than exciting plot, Stranger Things Two does not meet our expectations but still turns out to be an amazing season that leaves us wanting more with many questions.

Coming off a highly successful first season with wide acclaim, Stranger Things 2 held the weight of high expectations. With the introduction of lovable characters, a chilling villain, and thrilling mystery, every episode of season one left the audience wanting more. Although the answer was predictable, the question remained of whether season two could surpass the success of season one.

The primary problem this season is that the mind flayer- the brain of the Upside Down- has taken control of Will. In addition, Hopper has been hiding Eleven in his cabin to keep her safe from the bad men. All the while new discoveries and information about the Upside Down, the mind flayer, and Eleven are unfolded.

Regarding the plot, the personal narratives of the boys and new characters was the most engaging part. This season portrayed the party as normal children–showing them trick or treating in their ghostbusters costume and Eleven developing a father-daughter relationship with Hopper. The first season showed the party as a team of heroes fighting to save and protect their friends from the demogorgon while the second season presented them as children living a somewhat normal life.

Compared to the engaging personal narratives of the characters, the main plot–saving Will and destroying the Upside Down–was lacking. The beginning started off strong by building on the excited expectations of the audience along with the suspenseful ending of season one. But as the season progressed the plot felt uneventful and unnecessarily prolonged.  In the last two episodes though the familiar thrill and emotion of the show returned when Eleven returned and joined forces with everyone to help save Will.

Although interesting new faces came to Hawkins this season, the humanization of Eleven was one of the best parts of the season. Last season she could barely speak and knew little to nothing about the world outside of Hawkins Lab. This season she has a word-a-day calendar, she’s having arguments with Hopper, and she’s learning about her past and finding her own path. She’s beginning to develope into her own person and it’s really amazing.

Although season two left a lot of questions unanswered about the Upside Down and so much more, we hope season three will provide the answers. In addition, we expect to see the continuing development of relationships, mainly between Hopper and Eleven and Mike and Eleven. Season three, set to air next year, will hopefully continue to move our emotions.

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