LGBTQ romance in movies, lacks representation in media

(This is an archived article from the old website, so the name of the author appears incorrectly. The original article was written by Carlos Flores)
The season of romance has arrived, but for those of us who don’t fit into the heteronormative ideals of love that the media throws at us often have to scavenge for love stories that we can relate to.
A great portion of LGBTQ media focuses on the struggles facing the community. While this may be a medium to raise awareness of issues facing the community, it leads to a lack of romantic storylines for LGBTQ people.
Among the most well known movies about a gay romance is the critically acclaimed Brokeback Mountain. The movie centers around a couple struggling to stay together through the obstacles that being gay men in rural america presents to them.
A more recent film is Carol, which revolves around the love life between two lesbian lovers in 1950’s America. The film has been widely praised and is up for six Academy Awards. Another film involving queer women is the cult favorite Blue Is The Warmest Color. A tragic love story about the painful aspects of young love and the complications that come along with it.
Although representation of gay love exists in some mediums, it is usually very pessimistic, often times wrapping up in tragic endings. There is a lot of ground to be covered in this aspect but the power of these love stories is undeniable.