Grimes, Purity Ring, produce unusual music to tantalize ears around world

Hits come and go frequently, dominating the radio for months, then disappearing altogether. If you are looking to expand your music taste beyond the usual, there are many talented artists that are often overlooked.

One deserving musician rising in popularity is the Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes. Her style is dreamlike, utilizing synth and smooth vocals to create an atmosphere unique to her music. She has been producing music since 2010, with her debut album Geidi Primes, but started receiving recognition after her 2013 album Visions.  

Since then, she’s collaborated on amazing electronic anthems with artists such as Janelle Monae, and wrote a song used in the movie Suicide Squad. Her most recent album, Art Angels, has won her the MuchMusic Music Video award for the best EDM music video of the year, a title that is well deserved.

If you are not in the mood for getting into a new album however, there are a few song that are must-hears from this spectacular artist. Songs such as “Crystal Ball” (found in album “Darkbloom”) and “Venus Fly” (found in the aforementioned Art Angels) are both wonderful songs to test if this style is for you.

Yes, the songs are strange and the tunes are unusual, but Grimes is one out of this world experience. Anyone willing to be adventurous in their music will love everything about Grimes.

Another experimental band that anyone with a diverse taste in music would enjoy is Purity Ring. Similar to Grimes in the way the band utilizes dreamy synth and soothing female vocals, Purity Ring is truly amazing.

The band has released two albums named Shrines (their first endeavor into the music scene, released 2012) and Another Eternity, released 2015. The two albums are similar, but bring significantly different sounds to the songs within. Shrines has darker themes and music that makes your skin crawl in the best ways while Another Eternity has a lighter sound and feels incredibly uplifting.

Unfortunately, with only two albums to choose from, there are not many choices of songs. However, this should not deter anyone from listening. The songs from this band that you absolutely must listen to are “Fineshrine” and “Lofticries”.

Grimes and Purity Ring are genuinely the cream of the crop and you will be missing out on some amazing musical experiences if you do not listen as soon as possible.

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