God, DAMN. is a great new album

Kendrick Duckworth (better known as his stage name, Kendrick Lamar) has made another album, DAMN., that has our heads bobbing and our mind pondering every rhyme and hidden meaning he has to offer.

DAMN. tells the story of Kendrick going through the motions of being a kid from Compton. With features from Rihanna, U2, and Mike WiLL Made-it, the album is full of notable artist and producers that worked together to make it is what it is.  

When FEEL. comes on, you hear Duckworth talk about his thoughts about not being able to confide in anybody. How he feels his career and general clout has caused his to not have any true friends around him.

When you first listen to DAMN., you are greeted with funky and fast paced beats, as well as Kendrick’s commentary on the climate of our country, as well as his thoughts on being an influence on and his Compton roots.

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