Dancers move on to bigger things

Taking techniques and moves they got from dancing at Blake, seniors are headed to college, leaving behind the teachers who have guided them to become better performers.

Senior Moses Brown is going to New York in hopes of furthering his career in dance. “My goal is to become a professional dancer and a company owner,” Brown says. Brown will keep his experience at Blake as a reminder of where he came from, “[Being] a Blake dancer reminds me that I had this once so I can go further”.

Senior Stephanie Mendez, who participates in ballet, jazz, and Dance Company, has been dancing since her freshman year and plans on continuing in  college. “I want a minor in dance,” she says. She is going to Montgomery College to search for her next step.

After finishing high school, senior Corrin Robinson will continue to pursue her passion for dance. Although she wants to  major in multimedia journalism she will continue to take dance classes at Morgan State University. Robinson values the bonds she has here. “[I will  miss] my friends cause I feel like we have the most fun learning new things in class,” she says.

Brown, Robinson, and Mendez are all working towards their dream careers while still keeping dance in their lives in some way. They will be saying goodbye to their dance teachers Ms. Danielle D’Anna and  Ms. Melissa Jones who have been there to see them grow as dancers.

Ms. D’Anna has been teaching since 1996 with 14 of those years at Blake. Having taught at  schools like Magruder and the University of Maryland, she has been able to build a different and special bond with Blake dancers. “I have more of a relationship with [Blake dancers] because I’ve been here for so long,” she says, “sometimes I see the difference of when you have dance everyday.”

Ms. Jones started teaching here since this past  February and has become close to many seniors. Ms. Jones previously taught at a private school. She worked with kindergarten students and before that she worked at a dance studio. “I really love seeing the level of dance technique from this school,” she says.  Ms. Jones is able to challenge and work with the students more than she ever did at the private school or dance studio.

Succeeding in the field of work of their dreams, whether it is to be a multimedia journalist,  professional dancer, or a company owner, Ms.Jones and Ms.D’Anna have worked to prepare their dancers for life after high school.

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