Coco stuns audiences with delightful story, music, wonderful diversity

Jam packed with glorious original songs that introduce audiences to the magic of Latin music and the flawless animation that we have all come to expect from Pixar and Disney Studios, Coco is a beautiful reminder of the importance of family as well as the sacrifices that come with following your heart.

The latest entry to the Pixar franchise is host to plenty of brand new songs but one stands out as the greatest; “Remember Me”, written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, speaks to the central plot of Coco: remember your roots.

Taking place in Mexico and centering around the holiday, Días de los Muertos, a day dedicated to honoring our fallen loved ones, Coco was set up from the beginning to be deeply involved in what it means to be a family.

Throughout the film, the concept of family is viewed from many different angles. For example, the concept is viewed through the eyes of a misguided maternal protector as well as through the eyes of a deviant of the family’s traditions.

Coco elegantly describes the importance of finding a balance between your own needs and respecting the desires of those around you.

The storytelling is not the only elegant aspect of this animated tale however, as the art is absolutely breathtaking. All of the scenery and the character designs in the movie clearly took hours or tireless crafting and delicate planning.

As a lover of animated films, I appreciate the clean vividness of Coco and firmly believe that every single person should experience such perfection for themselves.

Yes, Coco is an unbelievable visual spectacle, but this movie is also for you if you value true diversity. Not only does Coco bring attention to an often misunderstood and demonized culture, but it also gave countless Latin-American animators, voice actors, and musicians a huge opportunity.

With a cast made up almost entirely of Latino voice actors as well as a musical team of Latino artists, Pixar did diversity right!

In Mexico, Coco is the highest grossing animated film ever and there is a reason for that. With such care taken to respect the fascinating and intricate culture of Mexico, Coco is a shining example of what movies should look like.

Anyone who passes up seeing this movie is missing out on an opportunity to see one of the best movies of all time.

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